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Have you have dreamed of dicing with other drivers around a track? Or taking a run down the dragstrip? Trying out a dirt racing buggy or truck? What about Formula 1? Speedway?

It's a dream of many, but a sport of few because of many reasons.... costs involved, risk, time... or opportunity! Our cars are driven with a remote control. Just as in any form of motor racing you will need a licence to race... but that's part of all our programmes and a massive amount of fun!

So, Formula R is YOUR opportunity to live out the dream. Formula R is about motor racing in miniature. Despite the size of the cars being small, the fun factor is definitely full size LARGE scale!

Our cars range from 1/27th "Mini Z" racers capable of some surprisingly high speeds around a small track, to the 1/5th scale monster 30cc Tourers and Buggies. These almost metre long highly specialised vehicles are top out at over 100kph!

Formula R offers a range of programmes. We can cater for your young potential racer's birthday party to Full corporate solutions that will see participants pilot some serious RC race cars in a full day Grand Prix format. Also available are "AR Drones". These are Quadcopters controlled with dedicated Galaxy Tab's. Races, Games and Precision flying contests can be arranged.

Don't wait any longer for the thrill of motor racing... GO for it... DO it...

Formula R is YOUR way of experiencing the adrenaline rush that motor racing provides!!

RC Controller

Peter Chatteris - Director & Founder

Peter Chatteris - Director & Founder

Peter Chatteris director and founder of Formula R, has long been interested in motor racing having raced Karts, Bikes and Cars. He wanted to bring the thrill of motorsport to a wide range of people and it was on this premise that Formula R was conceived. Peter strives for professionalism and communication. He is also an highly respected musician and music teacher. Through his other Company "Talent Train Ltd", the knowledge and joy of music is brought to many.


Aerial photography and video Drones are being prepared for a variety of uses. Stay tuned!